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Riding on the generosity of risograph printers Push—Press, we inserted ourselves into the third edition of the Singapore Art Book Fair organised in the Southeast Asian city-state.


Besides introducing a risographed edition of Piracy & Design: Rethinking Intellectual Property in the Third Industrial Revolution (2015), we took the opportunity to delve into Singapore’s history of design piracy. Before its recent aspirations to become a design city, Singapore’s intellectual property system was relatively undeveloped like many developing nations, allowing piracy to thrive. Don’t be Silly! is a 4-page insert examining a 1982 legal case between two manufacturers of polypropylene chairs — the British Hille International and the local Tiong Hin Engineering — and the role of language in piracy.

Limited copies of the risographed Piracy & Design booklet + Don’t be Silly! insert (S$16) are still available.

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